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Specialising in:

Developmental delay
It is important to identify developmental problems before they become entrenched.
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School readiness
How do you know when a child is ready for school?
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Language difficulties
Delays or difficulties in receptive or expressive language have a significant impact on socialisation, communication and learning.
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Phonological awareness difficulties
Delays or difficulties in learning to identify the number and order of sounds in words can lead to later difficulties with reading and spelling.
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Reading difficulties
Successful intervention depends on assessment and accurate diagnosis of a student's reading strengths and difficulties.
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Difficulties in learning basic academic skills in reading, spelling, writing and mathematics
Offering standardised diagnostic assessment and individual programs for students experiencing difficulty with learning basic academic skills.

Enrichment for gifted and talented students
Standardised assessment to identify skills and strengths of students who desire to excel or gain higher grades.† Individualised enrichment programs are implemented to accelerate achievement.

Building confidence and self-esteem
Specialised teaching methods can make a significant impact on a studentís confidence and success.† A holistic approach to intervention/enrichment helps to develop a positive self-esteem.

With greater confidence and self-esteem students are supported to develop an ĎI can do ití attitude, helping them to meet their learning challenges.

Specific learning disorders:

  • Aspergerís Syndrome
  • Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Auditory and visual processing difficulties
  • Working Memory difficulties
  • Specific learning difficulties in literacy (sometimes referred to as Dyslexia)

Parent support and parenting programs
To increase your understanding of your childís difficulties and to help you to be prepared for the vital role you play in your childís development and learning.
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Inter-professional networking support
To ensure the underlying cause of a student's difficulty is identified and the most appropriate intervention is in place.
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